Viral Video Of Steph Curry Dropping Five Full-Court Shots In A Row Turns Out To Be Fake

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Okay, so the video is a fake, but you can totally believe that if player could drain full-court shots, it would be Steph Curry.

A viral Dec. 4 video from Sports Illustrated of Golden State Warriors superstar Curry is making the rounds on social media, with the clip showing the chief himself hitting five consecutive full-court shots at the Warriors’ practice facility.

Then, Janie McCauley of The Associated Press had to ruin the fun by reporting that the video wasn’t real.

Thanks, Janie.

This isn’t the first time that Steph Curry has done something like this, either. In 2020, a Curry clip made the rounds that showed the four-time NBA champion hitting 105 straight three-pointers, and from the corner at that.

The thing is, with Steph Curry being Steph Curry and being an absolute wizard on the court, you totally could believe that he could pull off both the five full-court shots and the 105 straight three-pointers. No problem. That’s just Steph Curry.

And honestly, the Golden State Warriors should have rode with it, at least for a full 24 hours for the fun factor.

I understand we need to have journalistic integrity in this business, but man, it’s sports. We couldn’t have fun for at least a full day before the lid was completely blown off? (RELATED: Here’s How Steph Curry Found Out Kevin Durant Was Leaving Golden State: Report)

Even Janie McCauley acknowledged it was fun. She couldn’t let us have said fun for at least 24 hours?

She and the Warriors could have even cut a deal. She could be the first to report it with Golden State only telling her, but hold on to the news for at least 24 hours. If that was the case, I’d be writing a blog right now speculating on if it was real or not, but instead, I’m sitting here complaining about Janie McCauley ruining my fun.

Bah humbug.