Mississippi Shooting Was Not A Murder-Suicide, Officials Now Say

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The deaths of two Mississippi police officers and the woman who fatally shot them Wednesday is no longer being considered a murder-suicide.

Authorities now say Amy Brogdon Anderson did not commit suicide after fatally shooting two police officers in Mississippi. Evidence shows that the bullet that killed Anderson was fired by Officer Branden Estorffe whose weapon discharged at the same time Anderson’s did, Public Safety Commissioner Sean Tindell told WLOX news.

Anderson checked into the Motel 6 with her eight year old daughter and three dogs around 2:35 AM, but an hour later she asked the front desk to call the police because she believed someone was following her, Tindell explained to WLOX. Officers Estorffe and Steven Robin arrived at the motel an hour later and talked with Anderson for almost forty minutes, but became concerned for the child’s welfare and called Child Protective Services, Tindell explained to the outlet.

“Ms. Anderson was loading up her car and was apparently attempting to leave the hotel. They were trying to keep her there until Child Protective Services could arrive,” he said.

At that point, things took a deadly turn.

Anderson shot and killed Robin from her vehicle, then exchanged fire with Estorffe, with each of them inflicting fatal wounds on the other while Anderson’s 8-year old daughter sat in the passenger seat, WLOX reported. (RELATED: Police Release Disturbing Footage Of Philadelphia Parking Officer Shot In The Head In Broad Daylight)

A guest at the hotel spied the child covered in blood, walking around the SUV after the shooting and took her into her own room to keep her safe as more police arrived, the New York Post reported.

“Momma told me people are trying to kill us,” the girl reportedly said per the New York Post.

“Unfortunately she was a very troubled person although we loved her very much,” Anderson’s former mother-in-law, Sylvia Brogdon told the New York Post. “It was a mental illness issue. But she was a good mother and a good veterinarian. She loved her job and if you could see her children you can see she was a good mother. It’s so terrible when someone is a good person but they do something like this and then all the good is erased and people only see the bad,” she told the outlet.

Autopsy and toxicology reports have been ordered to determine whether drugs played a role in the incident, WLOX reported.