The Trailer For ‘Live To Lead’ Will Have You Rubbing Your Brow And Wondering How We Got Here

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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The trailer for Netflix’s “Live to Lead” dropped Monday, and it made me throw up in my mouth with utter disgust.

The show is supposed to be about “extraordinary leaders” as they “reflect on their legacies” and “share messages of courage, compassion, humility, hope and generosity,” according to the trailer’s description. Yes, you read that correctly. Have you thrown up all over yourself, too, with the audacity of these random, largely unelected people who’ve overseen the systematic decline of our species in the last fifty years or so?

The trailer features commentary from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, interviews with Ruth Bader Ginsburg (from the grave, one assumes), Greta Thunberg (climate child) and Gloria STFU Steinem. Seriously, this is what comes to mind when Netflix thinks “leaders.”

All I see here is the exploitation of a late lawyer and a police line-up of my first choices for apocalypse food. The show should have been called, “Live to Be Part of The Machine That Turns The Peasants Into Slaves To Our System Again LOL.”

As far as I’m concerned, all the great leaders from history are already dead, except for John Daly, Graham Hancock, Joe Rogan and the guy who runs the Three Year Letterman account on Twitter. The only person I’m interested in hearing from in this show is the South African rugby team captain Siya Kolisi, and that’s mostly because I’m Welsh, so I kind of have to listen to rugby players. I am also interested to see how minorities are represented throughout the show, because it was produced by the Nelson Mandela Foundation, but the trailer mostly features white people…?

The most audacious part of the trailer was the clip of the western world’s greatest modern fascist, Jacinda Ardern, who has made it almost impossible for New Zealanders to practice any true form of freedom into the future, thanks to her extremist COVID policies. And she’s trying to stop the next generation from smoking, effectively killing them from the type of stress only tobacco can cure.

I think history will look back on this documentary and go, “Oh hey, there’s all those narcissists who thought they were our chosen leaders, despite no one voting for them, no one asking for them, and no one being able to point a finger to one discernable way their existence has fundamentally revolutionized the world for the better.” (RELATED: Scream About ‘Ancient Apocalypse’ At Your Own Peril, Illiberal Idiots)

The funniest part of all this is that history might not even remember these people at all. Other than Nelson Mandela, and maybe Ruth Bader Ginsburg, it’s likely that none of the literature focused on the fools in this show will make it through the next apocalypse, which really can’t come fast enough.

Gah, can the grid just stop working now, please? So all of this can be forgotten to the faux-reality we’ve created in this digital nightmare?

Here’s the stupid trailer if you actually want to watch it — I am going to force myself to watch this show to see if all of my presumptions are wrong. Pray for me.

(Also, anyone who “lives to lead” needs to go to therapy to get over their mummy and daddy issues).