Here Are The Top-5 Funniest MMA Moments, Led By UFC Fighter Mike Perry Hysterically Leaning Into An Epic Musical Fail

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Mixed Martial Arts, more commonly known as just MMA, is a violent sport. But it also comes with hilarity.

Here at the Daily Caller, we want to present our top five funniest MMA moments, which is led by UFC Fighter Mike Perry accomplishing an epic musical fail, and features mixed martial artist Paddy Pimblett warning a neighbor about “sloppy shit.”

And let the comedy commence:

1. Mike Perry Has Epic Musical Fail

Mike Perry requested the theme song from “Halo” as his walkout song but hilariously wound up walking out to Beyoncé’s “Halo” when the wrong song played for his 14th UFC appearance.

Perry clearly didn’t intend to walk out to the angelic sound of Beyoncé’s voice before his big fight, but after a few seconds of sheer confusion, he leaned into it and started singing along to the (very) wrong song. This is going down as one of the funniest, most bizarre moments in UFC history, and it’s worth watching … and re-watching.


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Perry proved nothing will get between him and a fight when he started belting out the high-pitched Beyoncé lyrics like a true champ.

The skilled UFC fighter initially responded to the musical mix-up by calling out the fact that it was the wrong song. He swore a little bit, and then just embraced the mistake and went right along with it. Perry started air-punching to the angelic music, and it was the most comical thing fans had ever seen during what was supposed to be an aggressive walkout.

He seemed quite familiar with the song, and gave fans a show they definitely didn’t expect to see. There’s something about watching the vicious athlete melt into the heavenly song and get right into the moment that is absolutely priceless. It’s a side of Perry fans haven’t seen before and likely won’t see again, so fans leaned right into it, giving Perry props for how he handled the situation. (RELATED: ‘I Don’t Need To Hide Behind The Clothes’: Shania Twain Poses Nude At Age 57)

The hysterical lyrical outburst was all fun and games at first, but in the end, Beyonce wasn’t able to pump Perry up the same way his original song request was supposed to. Perry fell to Tim Means at the UFC Apex fight in Las Vegas, losing by a unanimous decision of scores of 30-27, 29-28 and 29-28, according to MMA Junkie.

Hopefully he’ll have better luck in the ring next time — both musically and physically — but if things don’t pan out for him in the UFC, he might be able to dabble in music…

2. Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz Have Interesting Interaction On “The Money Channel”

This was absolutely hilarious. From Nate Diaz having zero interest in the interview to Conor McGregor flirting with the interviewer, it was a complete and beautiful train-wreck to watch. Straight comedy on “The Money Channel.”

3. Paddy Pimblett’s Dog Took A “Sloppy Sh*t”

So just imagine this: you have one of those doorbell cameras and the guy talking to you through it is letting you know his dog took a “sloppy sh*t” and he doesn’t have anything to pick it up with, and then you realize it’s this famous UFC fighter. Yeah, that actually happened with Paddy Pimblett in pure comedy gold.

4. Israel Adesanya “Busted A Nut” To Make Weight

In November, Israel Adesanya took part in an interview with Bleacher Report to promote his then-upcoming fight against Alex Pereira, where he revealed he “busted a nut” in order to make weight. Hilarious and embarrassing, but you have to respect how Israel kept it G.

5. Chael Sonnen Gets Ticked Off With Dan Le Batard

Chael Sonnen made an appearance on Dan Le Batard’s “Highly Questionable” when he was still with ESPN, and Le Batard brought up a quote about how Sonnen said he was going to slap Anderson Silva’s wife on the ass. The interview fell apart from there, with Sonnen denying he ever said the quote Le Batard had referenced. When the interview closed out, Le Batard then read the quote to show Sonnen did apparently say it.