‘So, I’m An Alcoholic’: Tracy Morgan Admits To Addiction And Describes How He’s Turning His Life Around

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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“Saturday Night Live” comedian Tracy Morgan discussed his battle with alcoholism during a December episode of Kitchen Talk.

Morgan described his journey through alcoholism and his path to healing. “When you’re famous and funny, every time you go into the club there is always somebody going, ‘Can I get you a drink? Can I get you a drink?’ Because they think when you’re drunk you’re going to make them laugh,” Morgan said, according to All Hip Hop. ” But being drunk has nothing to do with your sense of humor.”

As the star of “Saturday Night Live” and “30 Rock,” Morgan knows all about finding success in the world of comedy, but he admitted that his issues with alcohol are no joke and have landed him in some difficult situations.

“You’re not even focused when you’re inebriated,” he said.

Morgan took full responsibility for his addiction. “So, I’m an alcoholic. I started drinking and I got two DUIs in one year,” Morgan said, according to All Hip Hop. “I thank the Lord I didn’t lose my legs and I didn’t kill nobody and I ain’t go to jail,” he said.

The 54-year-old star went on to declare himself as an advocate against alcoholism. “You know what I do, I say I’m an alcoholic and the minute I can’t say that I’m doomed,” he said.(RELATED: ‘I Broke’: Drew Barrymore Opens Up About Dark Drinking Days After Her Divorce)

Morgan told fans he has been clean for 25 years.

During a previous interview with “Jersey Jerry”, Morgan revealed his father became an alcoholic after fighting in Vietnam. By the time he became a professional comedian, he was also an alcoholic.

When asked what led him to a path of sobriety, he gave an emotional response.

“Because of the things that I lost,” Morgan said. “There’s some family I can’t get back, man. When I looked up, my first wife was emotionally gone. She was done. I ran off with the drinking. I had a bad relationship with alcohol, man.”