NFL RedZone Set Is Actually A Giant Green Screen Box, Making Host Scott Hanson Even More Legendary

[YouTube/Screenshot/Public -- User: NFL Network]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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You really do learn something new everyday.

Every Sunday during football season, we’re treated to one of the greatest experiences in the entire world with NFL RedZone, and we’re greeted to that experience by such a beautiful quote: “Seven hours of commercial free football.”

The host who says those six wonderful words, Scott Hanson, has literally been covering “every touchdown from every game” since 2009 when RedZone made its debut — and quite frankly, he’s become family to all of us.

A photo has been circulating online that has given us some insight into his operation. You know that big beautiful set that NFL RedZone has where Steve Hanson hosts the show?

Yeah, it’s actually a giant green screen box.

I won’t even lie: I personally had no idea that this was the NFL RedZone set.

When a show is this big and professional, you assume they have some kind of flashy big studio to go along with the presentation, but nope, RedZone is doing it green screen style. Wow, how solid is that green screen, it’s perfect. In my years of watching RedZone (since its 2009 debut), I have never once seen a glitch with that set up until this point in 2023. Now that’s absolutely impressive. (RELATED: ‘I Have Fantastic Milkers’: Paige Spiranac Goes After Conservative Commentator Nick Adams)

Also impressive are the hosting abilities of Scott Hanson. For him to host a show for seven hours with limited resources and being surrounded by nothing but a big green box is absolutely remarkable. Scott Hanson was already a legend before this, but this just made him even more legendary. This dude is an artist — a true modern-day Picasso.

See you in August, Mr. Hanson. I’ll sadly miss you and your art until then.