Georgia Dominated TCU So Much That Players Were Eating Wings And Drinking Beer While The Game Was Still Going On

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Okay, so this is just absolutely epic.

As we all know, the No. 1 Georgia Bulldogs successfully defended their national championship with flying colors, beating the living hell out of the No. 3 (LOL) TCU Horned Frogs by a whopping score of 65-7.

In fact, the Dawgs dominated so much that they were able to kick back and relax. These guys (in true legendary fashion) were eating chicken wings and drinking beer during the live game — oh, and there was some champagne mixed in too.

Back-to-back national champions, and now instant legends for this beautiful display of pure glory.

I already liked the University of Georgia before this. Like I stated in my prediction piece, I’ve got several reasons to like the Bulldogs — I’ve got family that went there, my daughter’s name is Georgia (nicknamed Peach), I’m an Atlanta Braves fan — I could go on and on. The point is: they already had me.

But now?

Now I want to go out and buy a national championship t-shirt, a college football jersey for next season, and start rooting for these guys. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still on board for future Michigan Wolverines glory and the trainwreck known as the Miami Hurricanes. I can’t help but to root for their rival Florida State Seminoles because my dad is such a huge fan. But I think I want to make the Bulldogs the 17th college football program that I root for. (I don’t know why I’m like that with college sports, but I’m weird like that, I know.) (RELATED: Ballsy ESPN Analyst David Pollack Declares Georgia Has ‘Taken Hold Of College Football’ Right In Front Of Nick Saban)

But can you blame me?

Any team that has Georgia‘s swag, wins back-to-back national championships, and steamrolls one so much that it had the luxury of eating chicken wings and drinking both beer and champagne during a live game, I’m certainly a fan of.

Shoutout to Georgia, man. Peach State dominance, baby. The new Alabama.