Don Lemon Presses Sen. Chuck Schumer On His Reaction To Biden’s Classified Documents Versus Trump’s


Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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“CNN This Morning” anchor Don Lemon pressed New York Democrat and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on his reactions to the classified documents of President Joe Biden versus those of former President Donald Trump on Friday.

A special counsel is investigating the president’s possible mishandling of classified information following reports that his lawyers found ten documents with classification markings inside Biden’s private University of Pennsylvania Office in November. Biden’s personal counsel informed the Department of Justice (DOJ) on Dec. 20 that a second batch of classified documents was found in the garage of the president’s home in Wilmington, Delaware.

Democrats have said there is a difference between the documents in Biden’s possession versus the files seized by the FBI at Mar-a-Lago in August. The documents formerly held at Trump’s residence are also under investigation by a special counsel.

“According to one justice official, said that ‘the White House public statements earlier this week offered an incomplete narrative about the classified documents from Biden’s time as vice president reinforced the need for a special counsel. The misleading statements created the impression that Biden’s team had something to hide.’ That doesn’t sound that much different than the former president,” Lemon told Schumer.

“Don, there’s now a special prosecutor. Let’s see what they have to say,” Schumer said. “We can have all this speculation and comment, let’s see what they have to say and let’s focus on doing things that help the American people.”

“But sir, I have to say this, you seem much more measured about this than with the Trump documents because you called for transparency with the Trump documents. You wanted lawmakers to have access to the documents, seize the former president, his residence in Florida,” he said.

CNN anchor Poppy Harlow argued that there is a lack of transparency regarding the documents found in Biden’s residence. Schumer argued that lawmakers and the public should not make any premature assumptions about the documents before the special counsel completes its investigation. (RELATED: ‘What Were You Thinking?’: Doocy Presses Biden On Classification Documents Sitting In Garage) 

“Prosecutors will get to the bottom of this and let’s let them do it for God’s sake. I know you all want to buzz around and all that, but bottom line is—” the majority leader said.

“It’s not just us buzzing around,” Lemon interjected. “You’re the Democratic head of the Senate, this is a really important issue. It’s not just buzzing around, this is serious stuff.”

“If there were no special prosecutor, there would be a different thing to say, but there is,” Schumer argued. “And now we have the law enforcement people who have the power to get all the facts out, doing it. I support both, I think we should have a special prosecutor on each. I don’t mind you asking these questions, but my view is I’m not going to say anything. Let the special prosecutors do their job.”

Biden told reporters Tuesday that he was “surprised” to learn that he possessed classified material inside his private residence and office, and assured that he is fully cooperating with the DOJ. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre repeatedly told reporters Wednesday and Thursday that the president takes the handling of classified documents “very seriously.”