Deion Sanders Says Out Loud What Everybody’s Been Thinking About ‘Roughing The Passer’ Calls

[Twitter/Screenshot/ManningCast via @awfulannouncing]

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Deion Sanders is speaking so much truth here.

During the season finale of Peyton and Eli Manning’s “ManningCast,” NFL Hall of Famer and University of Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders joined the show, and did so just in time for a roughing the passer call that many (including me and Deion) viewed as complete horse(bleep).

After Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive end Akiem Hicks laid a hit on Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott during their NFL Super Wild Card Weekend playoff game, referees threw a flag, and Deion Sanders … well, he wasn’t having it.

When the call was made, Deion Sanders erupted in questioning why exactly Hicks’ hit was called as a penalty. Two-time Super Bowl champion Eli Manning thought the hit should have gotten a flag, but again … Deion Sanders wasn’t having it.

I totally get Deion Sanders here.

You can tell that modern-day football players still want to knock the (bleep) out of people, but over the past few years, both the NFL and NCAA have slapped more and more restrictions on the game — which has not only decreased the quality of football and the entertainment value, but it’s also made players scared to go for big hits.

In other words, they can’t properly do their jobs, because in today’s football, breathing on somebody too hard will get you flagged, so that’s why you see these bull(bleep) love taps. (RELATED: Dalvin Cook’s Time With The Minnesota Vikings Could Be Over Due To The Team Having To Create Cap Space)

We need to go back to big hits like this:

Ahh … The glory days. And a lot of those clips weren’t even that long ago, sad.