New Video Of Humanoid Robots Running An Obstacle Course Is The Most Terrifying Thing You’ll See Today


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Just when you thought your biggest threat was a major cataclysm destroying the entire Earth, humans decided to create robots that can run and do basic life tasks better than most of us.

Footage of the robot created by Boston Dynamics shows it leaping around like Tom Cruise in “Mission Impossible” while performing what appear to be everyday tasks like lifting and carrying things. The machine is called the Atlas Humanoid robot, CNN explained in a tweet. In my opinion, it should be destroyed immediately.

Hear me out: the globalist elites are already on a warpath for depopulation because they can’t handle the weather changes they still think are caused by human influence and cow farts. If they could replace us with robots, why wouldn’t they?

Considering how fat and lazy so many people are, we’ll almost definitely need robots to do all of the jobs currently on offer all over the country. Seriously. Have you seen the number of “help wanted” or “now hiring” signs? It’s like people are allergic to work, so perhaps these robots will replace those too lazy to contribute to society. Let’s be honest, this is the best case scenario. (RELATED: ‘Is LaMDA Sentient?’: Conversation With AI Spooked Google Dev So Badly The Company Suspended Him)

The worst? Alex Jones was right the whole time and the elites are about to replace us with robots. Thankfully, at least for now We The People have enough power to say “f**k this,” and stop this type of dystopian nightmare in its tracks. All we have to do is exercise that power.

Or, we can manifest the next major cataclysm and be done with this failed experiment we call “modernity.” I’d be happy with either.