New York Islanders’ Brock Nelson Pulls Out His Own Tooth During Loss To Toronto Maple Leafs

[Twitter/Screenshots/Public — User: @NYIslanders]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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This is so hockey.

The New York Islanders lost two things during their Jan. 23 game against the Toronto Maple Leafs: the contest itself (5-2), which is now their fifth loss in a row, and they also lost a tooth — center Brock Nelson‘s tooth.

In the middle of live action, Nelson appeared to take an accidental stick to the face from Toronto right winger William Nylander. After he was hit, Nelson collapsed to the ice while holding his head, eventually going over to the bench. Cameras landed on Nelson as he was sitting, catching him in the exact moment he ripped a tooth out of his own mouth.

“Hockey guy move,” the Islanders’ official Twitter account (100% correctly) captioned their post with a video of Nelson pulling out his tooth.

My man pulled that thing out, took a quick look at it, and got his head right back in the game … what a G.

Shit like this is why I can’t help but like hockey and want to get more interested in it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always liked hockey and I’ve watched a few Florida Panthers games this season, but my fandom for the Panthers and the NHL is nothing compared to where I am with the NFL, NBA, MLB and international soccer.

It’s funny: My wife and I were just having a conversation the other day about how we need to watch more hockey. She actually played in her younger days, so that’s another reason to start watching more, and with football coming to an end we might start doing just that. (RELATED: One Single Photo From Mikayla Demaiter Has Set The Internet Completely On Fire)

I mean, come on, who doesn’t want to see fist fights and guys pulling their own teeth out?

I’m game — I just wish my team was better. It would make the passion easier to come by.