‘Looked Like Some Jerk Off’: Bill Burr Has Had Just About Enough Of Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Nick Sirianni

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Sports rants really are the best rants.

Legendary comedian Bill Burr uploaded a video on his YouTube page on Tuesday, in which he declared that he’s retiring as a sports fan, stated how much of a “jerk off” he thinks Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni is, talked about the struggles that Buffalo Bills fans experience, and gave his prediction for the Jan. 29 AFC Championship game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Kansas City Chiefs.

But what stuck out the most was his epic rant about Sirianni, specifically complaining about his antics on the field.

“What the Philadelphia Eagles head coach did, like, playing to the camera, like he’s not coaching a team, nodding vigorously after whatever the Eagles did and says ‘I know what the f**k I’m doing,'” Burr ranted.

“At one point, he was hamming it up so bad, the NFL literally did a 360 shot around him, the same shot Tarantino used on Pam Grier in f**king ‘Jackie Brown’ when she was coming out of the God damn dressing room, they did that to an NFL coach, who looked like some jerk off that’s out there shoveling a driveway.”

Just listen to this glory:

When Bill Burr called himself a “grumpy old man,” he was absolutely spot on, because I can’t lie — as a 32-year-old sports blogger who is into hip hop culture and flexing on your opponents, I’m all for it. I love Nick Sirianni.

Plus, I’d be a bit of a hypocrite if I was on the flip side hammering Sirianni, because my head coach in Mike McDaniel (Miami Dolphins) is very similar as he carries himself like a bag of swag. (RELATED: Buffalo Bills GM Brandon Beane Takes Petty (And Hilariously Accurate) Shot At Rival Cincinnati Bengals)

Remember back in December when McDaniel wore that ‘I Wish It Were Colder’ t-shirt before a big game with playoff implications against the Buffalo Bills? (And on top of that was vibin’ out to YG’s “Who Do You Love?”)

And then you also had the fact that he was (allegedly) vaping, or as I called it, “Snoop Doggin'” on the sideline.

I love that cocky egotistical shit — as long as you’ve earned it, which both McDaniel and Sirianni have, though Sirianni cranks it up a lot more than McDaniel does. But I tell you, if I had a season like the Eagles did and I was in the NFC Championship after beating the hell out of my rival, I’d be flexing like a mutha(bleepa) too.

And yeah, Bill Burr is right when he says that kind of behavior can backfire on you once you start performing badly, but hell, as I’m sure any competitor would agree, that’s what makes competition so much fun — you make sure that you handle your business like a G and stay winning so nobody can flex on you. It’s lonely at the top they say, but sure sounds fun as (bleep) when you’re there, just look at the fun that Sirianni is having.

I’m not hatin’ on that, I personally love it. Carry on, coach. The swag is unreal.