Study Reveals The Insane Impact ‘Yellowstone’ Had On One State


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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The hit television show “Yellowstone” brought in more than $730 million in tourism to Montana in 2021.

Created by Taylor Sheridan and launched in 2018, the series chronicles the life of the fictional Dutton family, the largest landowners in the state of Montana. Despite predictions the show would fail after the first season, it’s become such an iconic series that at least three prequel shows have spun off the original.

Sheridan also cemented himself a deal with Paramount+ for a slew of new shows, all of which seem to have brought movie actors back to television thanks to impeccable writing and storytelling.

Along with the countless crew and cast members, who can thank Sheridan for giving them a career-changing place of work, the people of Montana must be insanely grateful too. New research shows that the series added $730 million to Montana’s economy in 2021 thanks to increased tourism to the aesthetically perfect state.

The data was put together by researchers from the University of Montana, the Bureau of Business and Economic Research, and the Institute for Tourism and Recreation Research. On top of the insane wealth brought to Montana thanks to “Yellowstone,” the state added some 10,200 jobs in 2022 and attracted an estimated 3,305 new residents. (RELATED: Here’s A Rundown Of Every Upcoming Taylor Sheridan Show)

Hollywood can hate and shun “Yellowstone” all it likes, but they’re on the wrong side of history for this one. Not only is “Yellowstone” a brilliant piece of escapism, but it’s changing the lives of real people with every single script turned show.