Popular Animated Series ‘King Of The Hill’ Announces Reboot

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The popular animated series, “King of the Hill,” announced a revival Tuesday, set to premiere with its original voice cast on the streaming network Hulu.

The original series ran from 1997-2010 on Fox and depicted the daily adventures of the Hills, a suburban Texas family along with their family, neighbors, friends and co-workers. The show explored the world through the eyes of a conservative-leaning man whose perception of the ideals of American greatness often conflicted with modern cultural decline and social decadence.

Viewers and critics praised the show for its approach to humor, which often poked fun at excesses of political correctness. “King of the Hill” was also notable for its positive portrayal of a right-leaning family, promoting values such as patriotism and religion.

Hank and Peggy Hill, the married couple at the center of the show, were also major supporters of former President George W. Bush. In the episode “The Perils of Polling,” Hank, mortified after learning his niece Luanne supports Communism, took her to a Bush rally with the intention of changing her mind.

The internet has debated in recent years whether Hank Hill would have voted for Trump in the 2016 election, with some arguing a revival in the post-Trump era would be inappropriate.

The show’s content and quality make it a desirable choice for a reboot, according to a statement from the company cited by The Hollywood Reporter.

“We are all so excited to welcome back Hank, Peggy and Bobby, and to see what they have to say about the world we live in and continue the conversations we began years ago,” ABC Entertainment, Hulu and Disney Branded Television President Craig Erwich said, according to the outlet. “This show has all of the perfect ingredients to meet this moment in animation at Hulu, and we’re so thankful to be having those conversations alongside this talented group.”