Mississippi Valley State Cheerleader Ejected After Kicking, Shoving Alabama A&M Basketball Players

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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What the hell?

While everybody was focused on Super Bowl Weekend (and understandably so), there was a ton of college basketball that was going on, but there was one game in particular that stood out — and for all of the wrong reasons.

During a Feb. 11 SWAC conference game between Alabama A&M and Mississippi Valley State, a MVSU cheerleader was ejected after walking on the court after a play and shoving a player, and before that incident, she attempted to kick an A&M player.

With around three minutes left in the game, the cheerleader did a “routine” that would actually be her trying to kick the A&M player, and if you ask the New York Post, they say she “appeared to make contact.” You can tell she intentionally tried to kick the player, because she blatantly walked up the baseline and did a jump in the air with none of the other cheerleaders involved. Junior guard/forward Dailin Smith was her target as he was inbounding the ball.

This would then lead to the cheerleader actually walking on the court and pushing a player — just watch:

The funniest part of this video is at the very end when a whole mob of security (which is hilarious in itself) came to kick the cheerleader out of the game, and she acted like she was completely innocent in the matter.

I mean, come on, it’s obvious from the get-go that she was trying to — what do I say here? hurt? — somebody. Not only did she blatantly try to kick the shit out of Dailin Smith, you can see that clearly by her about to fall over after her “routine” trying to kick as hard as she could, but she outright walked on the court to push somebody. (RELATED: ‘Just Go Home’: Tension Has Hit A Boiling Point With University Of North Carolina’s Basketball Team)

Like, what the hell? Why on earth did she think this was going to go well?

Now she’s most likely going to get kicked off of the cheerleading squad, possibly face other punishment from the school (if they don’t kick her out period), and then you also have to consider that Alabama A&M could easily press charges.

What a dumbass.