‘It’s Philly Blunts This Week’: Patrick Mahomes’ Dad Gives Update After ‘Smoking The Joe Burrow’

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There’s one good thing that came out of the Chiefs’ Super Bowl LVII win for me: Patrick Mahomes’ dad.

The father of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Patrick Mahomes Sr., had jokes as he walked through the tunnel holding a victory cigar after his son and the Chiefs secured their tainted 38-35 victory for the rings.

Before getting to the field, Mahomes Sr. was greeted by KSHB 41 sports anchor Aaron Ladd, who previously asked him about his cigar after Kansas City’s AFC Championship victory over the Cincinnati Bengals. Mahomes Sr. said he was “smoking the Joe Burrow” at the time — and then Ladd asked him about his new cigar Sunday night.

Despite my love for Philadelphia and the Eagles (and their beautiful fan base), I have to give credit to Daddy Mahomes for coming up with such a fantastic quote:

“It’s Philly Blunts this week!”

I don’t really care too much for Patrick Mahomes: he’s okay. I respect him as an athlete and acknowledge he can ball, but other than that, eh … and then with his brother Jackson and his wife Brittany, I personally can’t stand ’em.

But Pat’s daddy?

That is one cool mother(bleeper).

And remember when I previously blogged that Mahomes Sr. probably smokes some of the best marijuana known to man after his “smoking the Joe Burrow” quote? (RELATED: ‘It Was Terrible’: Both Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles Slam Super Bowl Field)

Yeah … he just gave us confirmation of that. Nobody smokes Philly Blunts unless they use them for weed.

Such a cool (bleeping) dude, man. Yeah, I was rooting for the Eagles and went all-out for the city of Philadelphia in the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, and yeah, I was pretty pissed off at the end result of the big game. And I ranted on Super Bowl Monday about everything. Yeah, all of that is true.

But one good thing came out of the Chiefs’ win for me, and that’s Patrick Mahomes’ dad — a (bleeping) legend.