The Super Bowl Ads We’re Still Talking About The Next Day …


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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The Super Bowl is over and the commercial reviews are now in! These multimillion-dollar advertising spots were among the most well-received ads presented throughout the evening.

In no particular order, these ads, which feature some of the biggest names in Hollywood, have kept fans talking — in a good way. Fans are re-watching these best-picks on YouTube today …

The Farmer’s Dog

Even the strongest, bravest NFL fans shed a tear after watching this emotional commercial from The Farmer’s Dog. A young girl’s life is marked by special moments with her Labrador named Bear. The heartwarming ad tugs at every heart string as the duo embark on life’s most precious adventures together. People everywhere are now thinking about upgrading their dog food to squeeze in some more memories with their furry friends.


Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul rose to the occasion for PopCorners. The Breaking Bad nostalgia was hard to deny with this ad, and fans loved the recognizable characters. The epic blast from the past was sealed with the best call-back line, “We don’t eat our own supply!” (RELATED: Reviewing Rihanna: The Super Bowl Halftime Show Hits And Misses0

Dunkin’ ‘Drive-Thru’

Ben Affleck poses as a drive-thru attendant and tests customers to see if they recognize who he is as he serves them. Some pose for selfies, while others clearly have no idea who he is when he’s wearing the headset and Dunkin’ uniform. Things heat up when his wife, Jennifer Lopez rolls up to the window and . The hilarious ad also features a cameo by Affleck’s wife, Jennifer Lopez, who grills him over what he’s doing. “Is this what you do when you say you go to work?” she asks, before making her request.  “Grab me a glazed.”


Jennifer Coolidge gets giddy when she receives a special package from e.l.f Cosmetics in this fabulously funny Super Bowl ad. She gives her seal of approval by making hysterical sounds and facial expressions while excitedly saying, “I look like a baby dolphin” and commenting on the sticky texture of the cosmetics.

Workday Big Game Spot: Rock Star

Ozzy Osbourne, Paul Stanley, Billy Idol, Joan Jett, Gary Clark Jr. criticize the overuse of the the term “rock star” by those that don’t fit the image, and they reclaim their territory in this perfectly structured ad. “Hey corporate types, will you stop calling each other rock stars?” Stanley said at the start of the commercial. Gary Clark Jr. taunts the corporate types by shouting, “Hey Liz in HR! Can you do this?” as he puts the ‘star’ back in “rock star.”