Patrick Mahomes Leaves Lombardi Trophy Behind With Fan

Sreenshot/Twitter/Complex Sports

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Super Bowl champion Patrick Mahomes seems to have gotten a wee bit too tipsy at the Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade. He passed the Lombardi Trophy to a fan, forgot about it, and walked away.

Video footage of the parade shows Mahomes celebrating with fans on Wednesday and generously posing for selfies with people in the crowd. The famous quarterback could be seen holding a beer in his hand. He managed to hang on to that, but somehow left the trophy behind without hesitation.

The video shows Mahomes approaching a group of fans with a huge smile on his face. The NFL star paused for a photo for a few seconds, and the male fan that had taken the selfie seemed thrilled to have been part of that epic moment.

Just when the fan thought his day couldn’t get any better, Mahomes slipped the trophy to him, seemingly handing it off without any prompting or encouragement whatsoever. The shocked fan smiled ear to ear and was visibly stunned to be holding on to the Lombardi Trophy.(RELATED: Patrick Mahomes Seals His Hall Of Fame Case After Leading Chiefs To Comeback Super Bowl Victory Amid Injury)

The beer remained snuggled safely in Mahomes’ left hand while he turned his back on Kansas City’s newly-acquired hardware and simply walked in the opposite direction, back into the heart of the parade

The epic blunder is making its rounds on the internet and is already generating as much attention as the actual Super Bowl win.