REPORT: Doctor Accused Of Performing Ultrasounds On Men’s Genitals In His Bedroom Suspended By Medical Board

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Paul Aubert Contributor
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The Ohio Medical Board suspended the license of a physician who allegedly performed ultrasounds on men’s genitals in his own bedroom, and secretly recorded some examinations.

Dr. Rudel Saunders, a clinical instructor at the University of Cincinnati, received his medical license in April 2020, Fox19 reported.

The Ohio Medical Board voted earlier this month to suspend his license after finding “clear and convincing evidence” that Saunders violated Ohio Revised Code.

The board detailed how Saunders would allegedly examine patients in his apartment’s bedroom while secretly recording them without their consent or knowledge. Ohio Revised Code demands doctors practice only within board-certified clinical settings.

Saunders would allegedly handle patients’ testicles with his bare hands before performing the ultrasounds and deceived multiple patients by claiming he needed “a certain number of ultrasounds” for a training program.

The board cited five incidents — four in which Saunders allegedly performed an exam and one in which the patient allegedly left Saunders’ apartment before he could be examined. Each of the five accusations could equate to a felony count of practicing medicine without a license, while the four actual incidents would constitute misdemeanor voyeurism, per the board.

The board is able to fine Saunders at most $20,000 for each violation if Saunders does not defend himself against the allegations presented. He has until March 10 to request a hearing. (RELATED: John Fetterman Releases Doctor’s Note After Stroke, Reveals He ‘Almost Died’)

The Cincinnati Police Department told a local NBC affiliate that no criminal charges have yet been filed.

The attorney originally representing Saunders, as listed in the board’s document, is no longer the suspended physician’s counsel, reported.