DC Defenders Fans Throw Lemons On The Field After Security Takes Their Beer Snake Away

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Holy shit, man. You can tell the XFL is going to be absolutely fantastic with how well opening weekend went.

When the XFL was brought back in 2020, the excitement levels were high for what was a solid product — that was until the COVID-19 pandemic came around and forced the league to cut their season short. In fact, things got so bad for the XFL that they were forced to file for bankruptcy, putting an end to the re-launch.

Fast forward to 2023 and the XFL is now owned by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his partners at Alpha Acquico, LLC, who brought the league out of bankruptcy and back on the field.

Feb. 18 was opening day, which then led us to another two games on Feb. 19, and from the looks of it, the XFL is going to be pretty damn entertaining, and appears to be a legitimate league to help us fulfill our football fix with the NFL now in their offseason.

For example, let’s go to the Week 1 contest between the DC Defenders and Seattle Sea Dragons.

At one point in the third quarter, Defenders fans created a beer snake in the endzone stands, continuing a tradition from the last version of DC’s fan base. Hell, the tradition was so glorious that even former XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck got involved with the fun back in 2020. However, Audi Field security ain’t playing that shit this year. Instead, they look to ruin everybody’s fun, and did so by confiscating the fans’ beer snake away from them.

So how did pissed off Defenders fans react?

By pelting the field with (bleeping) lemons — and fresh beer.

And then after that, Defenders fans got to work on yet another beer snake — so great. Just so, so great.

Only one week of action and the XFL is already in all of our hearts.

Any league that has fans that cook up a beer snake, throws lemons on the field in protest after it gets taken away by security, and then builds another beer snake after the fact, you know is going to be legendary. (RELATED: Buffalo Bills Hire Wide Receiver Coach Adam Henry, Indicating They Could Be Trying To Woo Odell Beckham Jr.)

You have something here, Rock. I hope you smell what you’re cookin’.