LaMelo Ball Drives The Flashiest Cars, And Reckless As Hell At That

Public/Screenshot/Twitter — User: IcyVert via @hopemarie123 on TikTok

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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LaMelo really does drive like he’s in “Grand Theft Auto” — flashy, but reckless.

Charlotte Hornets two-guard LaMelo Ball has had a unique career in the sport of basketball, starting from being in the spotlight because of his dad LaVar and his brother Lonzo, then playing overseas in Lithuania and Australia, and then eventually being drafted into the NBA via the Queen City.

Now, he’s in his third year of the National Basketball Association, and LaMelo is clearly a rich man.

Example A: Check out the swagged-out UFO chain.

And speaking of UFOs, check out this dope sneaker of his:

But LaMelo doesn’t just have nice jewelry and sneakers — he also has some fly-ass cars. But there’s a bit of a problem: He’s kind of a reckless driver.

In a compilation video that’s been going viral online, Ball can be seen ballin’ through red lights and driving recklessly on multiple occasions outside of the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina … and in numerous vehicles at that, including a gold Ferrari and a flashy-ass purple Bentley.

A bit dangerous, sure, but I can’t get over how good those cars look. (RELATED: USA! USA! USA!: United States Basketball Qualifies For 2023 FIBA World Cup)

Shoutout to LaMelo, man. And shoutout to Charlotte — the Queen City.