‘F*cking Cowardly’: Bill Maher, Greg Gutfeld Hammer The ‘Mob’ For Constantly ‘B*tching’ On Social Media

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Comedian’s Bill Maher and Greg Gutfeld hammered the “mob” during the latest “Club Random” podcast for incessant “bitching” on social media about offensive things.

The duo were talking about political correctness and its detriment to society and comedy.

Maher noted the movie “Rain Man” likely couldn’t be remade in today’s climate, while Gutfeld said “Animal House” also wouldn’t pass the test either.

Maher then said that any movie made ten years ago or earlier likely contains something “offensive” to modern sensibilities, but was once funny.

“When you hear it now, in 2023, you hunch up, not because of it in itself, but because you know the reaction it will cause,” Maher said. “You know you’re going to have to listen to people bitching about this, and posturing and pretending they’re so offended and it’s so terrible and that’s what’s going to be so gross.” (RELATED: Greg Gutfeld Explains The Moment His Life Changed Forever)

“They get on Twitter and then they kind of create this kind of like mob reaction, and then it’s people are so bored, and they’re so distracted, and also it’s a personal power thing. It’s like if I don’t have any power in my world, at least on here I can exert some kind of power, get somebody to apologize, and it feels good,” Gutfeld said.

“The phone made people assholes, full stop,” Maher said. “It allows you to just be so fucking cowardly, anonymous, shady, fake, all these shitty qualities it brought out in people.”