Maher Says Democrats Are ‘Afraid’ Of Party Activists

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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CNN’s Jake Tapper sat down with comedian Bill Maher for an exclusive interview to discuss politics, during which Maher said Democrats are “afraid” of activists within their party.

“Do you think Democratic politicians have changed their views, or do you think they’re just afraid of their party’s activists the way that a lot of Republicans are afraid of their party’s activists, the MAGA folks?” Tapper asked in a preview clip shared Tuesday on “CNN This Morning.”

“B. They’re afraid, yes,” Maher said.

“They’re just afraid?” Tapper asked.

“Yes, I think both sides. I think, again, there’s four tribes, I think, in this country. I think there’s old-school liberals and old-school conservatives, Republicans and Democrats, the kind of people who used to — I think that’s the majority of the country.”

“Like Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush or something?” Tapper interjected. (RELATED: Bill Maher On Jan. 6 Rioters: ‘Kind Of Can’t Blame Them … They Are Getting Squeezed’)

“Yeah, the kind of people who never agreed on a hell of a lot but they found ways to work together,” Maher said. “They didn’t hate each other. It wasn’t all about making liberal tears and cry and all this stuff, and, you know, owning and destroying people. It was just, ‘Yeah, I don’t agree with Bob Dole, but you know, we can work together, we can get a grand bargain.’ That kind of stuff. And so, I think that’s the majority.”

“But then you have Trumpers and then you have wokesters,” he continued. “And, you know, those fringes are not doing this country any great favors.”

During a recent HBO segment, Maher compared “woke” mobs on Twitter to the Red Guard of Mao’s Cultural Revolution. In early February, the “Overtime” segments of Maher’s “Real Time” HBO talk show began airing on CNN at 11:30 p.m. on Friday nights.

The full interview between Tapper and Maher airs Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. on CNN.