Mississippi Valley State Basketball Announcers Gloriously Start Rapping In The Middle Of A Game

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These guys are great.

Remember that blog I came out with Feb. 13 about that Mississippi Valley State University (MVSU) cheerleader who tried to kick the shit out of an Alabama A&M basketball player? And remember how she then blatantly walked on the court and pushed one of them? And last question, do you remember the announcers who were absolutely confused about the whole thing?

Well, you can catch up on that whole story here if not, but if you are familiar, those announcers are back in our lives!

MSVU recently squared off against the Arkansas-Pine Bluff Golden Lions — a game that the Delta Devils won, 78-74 — and it was because of a “lit” performance as the boys (Andre Williams and Caleb Brunson) put it. In fact, it was so lit that the Mississippi Valley State basketball announcers started rapping in the middle of the game in the name of school pride. And holy shit, it was so glorious.

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Yeah, Mississippi Valley State might be a 5-25 basketball team, but who gives a shit. Andre and Caleb completely make a boring team and boring game exciting.

It actually reminds me of what Barstool Sports did when they had their own college football bowl game with the Barstool Sports Arizona Bowl. David Portnoy and the crew made what would have been a boring game extraordinarily entertaining. I never thought I would be having fun the whole way through a meaningless bowl game between Ohio and Wyoming, but that’s exactly what happened. And now here we are with legends Andre Williams and Caleb Brunson. (RELATED: REPORT: NBA Considering Overtime Rule Change That Will Make The League Even Weaker)

Somebody give these boys a Manningcast-style stream for March Madness. I gotta see that shit.