‘Not A Free Country’: Woody Harrelson Blasts Hollywood For Pushing ‘Forced Vaccination’

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Actor Woody Harrelson held nothing back during a February interview with The New York Times where he blasted mandates and COVID-19 protocols.

Harrelson conducted the interview to promote his new film “Champions,” but things took a turn when he was asked about his perspective on the movie business evolution since the 1990s. “Now to get an indie done? Especially with all the Covid protocols — which, to me, are rather absurd. I don’t know what’s going to happen,” Harrelson said at the end of his response.

The reporter immediately pushed Harrelson on what he felt was absurd about COVID protocols. “I don’t think that anybody should have the right to demand that you’re forced to do the testing, forced to wear the mask and forced to get vaccinated three years on. I’m just like, Let’s be done with this nonsense,” Harrelson shot back, stating that all of the above was not fair on the crews who put movies together.

“I don’t have to wear the mask. Why should they? Why should they have to be vaccinated? How’s that not up to the individual? I shouldn’t be talking about this [expletive]. It makes me angry for the crew,” Harrelson did continue with the [expletive] he shouldn’t be talking about. “The anarchist part of me, I don’t feel that we should have forced testing, forced masking and forced vaccination. That’s not a free country.”

Bless the heart of the NYT reporter who responded with what I felt was a really passive aggressive comment on how one of the big lessons from the pandemic is how irrational people are at assessing risk and handling another’s comfort levels of risk. Like, what the heck does that mean?

What risk? What about personal choice? Clearly this weird statement didn’t get too under Harrelson’s skin, as all he said was “Yeah, anyway, as an anarchist, I don’t do well with mandates.” (RELATED: If ‘White House Plumbers’ Is As Funny As The Trailer, The Series Is Going To Be Incredible)

Harrelson made headlines Saturday after appearing on “Saturday Night Live” and focusing part of his opening monologue on the “cartels” behind mass forced vaccination. I knew Harrelson was pretty cool, especially after he described himself as a “redneck hippy” on SNL, but I had no idea he was the coolest guy in Hollywood right now.