REVIEW: Morgan Wallen Drops 36-Track ‘One Thing At A Time’ Album

Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Morgan Wallen released all 36 songs from his new album “One Thing At A Time” on Friday, and it’s not quite like his last record-breaking release.

Fresh out of 2022, a year that proved Wallen officially canceled cancel culture, he wasn’t going to slow down and drink in the success of “Dangerous: The Double Album” or his enormous, also record-breaking tour. Wallen first released a few tracks from his newest album back in December, all of which were epic. So, how did the rest hold up?

In a word? Superbly. But “One Thing A Time” is a serious departure from Wallen’s previously country-orientated tunes. A number of tracks on the 36-song album could be argued as hip-hop, R&B adjacent, rock n’ roll and even a little bit reggae with a country vibe.

My personal favorites from the new releases are “Sunrise,” “Ain’t That Some” and “180 (Lifestyle),” both for their melodic quality and the heart that bleeds through every lyric Wallen writes with his incredible team of friends and fellow songwriters.

Similarly to the throat punch that was the messaging in “Dangerous: The Double Album,” Wallen’s new releases seem to tell of his problems with alcohol and substance use, his ups and downs with women and the challenges of balancing his bad boy behavior with celebrity. He even alludes to his infamous almost-cancelation years ago, when he was caught using a racial slur in conversation with friends. (RELATED: One Song Gets Morgan Wallen To No. 1 On All Billboard Country Music Charts)

Whatever you have to do today, I highly recommend doing it to the soundtrack for life that Wallen has crafted with “One Thing At A Time.” You won’t regret it.