‘I Know People Who Never Recover From It’: Seth Rogen Spills On The Fragility Of Hollywood

Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Nickelodeon

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Actor Seth Rogen told “Diary of a CEO” podcast listeners in early March that bad film reviews are “devastating” for those in the entertainment industry.

Rogen told podcast host Steven Bartlett that he “think[s] if most critics knew how much it hurt the people that made the things that they are writing about, they would second-guess the way they write these things.” Stop laughing, everyone. Rogen is serious.

“It’s devastating. I know people who never recover from it, honestly, years, decades of being hurt. It’s very personal … It is devastating when you are being institutionally told that your personal expression was bad. That’s something that people carry with them, literally, their entire lives and I get why. It fucking sucks,” he continued.

Obviously, actors aren’t in the same realm as the rest of us humans when it comes to our careers. Unlike actors, when real people do a bad job and everyone knows it, we’re told so and have to adjust our ongoing output or face being fired, fined or something even worse. Why should actors have to be good at what they do? Huh? I’m obviously being sarcastic. (RELATED: REVIEW: ‘Pam & Tommy’ Is The Gut-Wrenching History Of The Celebrity Sex Tape And Revenge Porn)

Sure, it must suck if you do a crappy piece of work and everyone tells you about it. Unfortunately, that’s just how the world works, so these fragile people who call themselves entertainers need to get over it. And do better, like the rest of us.

You can listen to the full podcast here if you’d like to spend 90 minutes being cried at by a guy who makes more than you will ever see in your bank account.