Netflix Rescues Chris Rock’s On-Stage Fumble With A Quick Edit

Public/Screenshot/YouTube — User: Good Morning America

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Netflix did Chris Rock a favor by editing a mistake he made while delivering a joke about Will Smith in “Chris Rock: Selective Outrage.”

The famous comedian started to lace into Will Smith during his March 4 show but tripped on his words. Rock confused Smith’s 2015 movie “Concussion” with his latest film, “Emancipation,” and had to correct himself during the first live streaming special Netflix has ever aired.

“Years ago, [Jada Pinkett Smith] said I should quit the Oscars; I shouldn’t host ’cause her man didn’t get nominated for ‘Emancipation,’ the biggest piece of shit ever!” Rock said to the audience that gathered to see him live in Baltimore, referencing an alleged conversation with Smith’s wife.

“No, not ‘Emancipation,’ I fucked up the joke,” Rock said. But thanks to some quick editing courtesy of Netflix, fans tuning in to see the show won’t see the mistake at all.

He then retracted, fixed his error and continued with the joke, delivering it correctly.

It was a minor fumble at most, and Rock managed to execute the joke without much trouble in spite of the mistake, but Netflix apparently saw an opportunity to perfect his performance and went for it.

The error has since been deleted from the special altogether. (RELATED: ‘Some B*tch-A** Sh*t’: Chris Rock Rips Will Smith, Addresses Oscars Slap In New Netflix Special)

A source close to the situation said Rock was aware of the edit, and that he allegedly worked alongside Netflix to perfect the final cut, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The set was also Rock’s first time addressing Will Smith’s 2022 Oscars slap slap head-on since the incident unfolded one year ago.