Ted Cruz Says Biden’s Afghanistan ‘Disaster’ Strengthened ‘Every Enemy Of America’

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James Lynch Contributor
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Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz believes President Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan was a “disaster” and strengthened U.S. enemies such as Russia and China.

Sen. Cruz addressed Congressional testimony by U.S. Marine Tyler Vargas-Andrews to the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Wednesday about the Afghanistan withdrawal. (RELATED: Marine Breaks Into Tears While Telling Congress Deadly Afghanistan Withdrawal Bombing Could Have Been Stopped)

“Every enemy of America saw that disaster. Putin saw it. Xi saw it. Iran saw it. North Korea saw it. Venezuela saw it. Every terrorist cell across the globe, they all saw it. And all of them came to the same conclusion, which is this is a commander-in-chief who is weak and incompetent,” Cruz said Friday on his podcast, “Verdict With Ted Cruz.

“This is a commander-in-chief who is afraid to fight. This is a commander-in-chief unwilling to do what it takes even to defend his own servicemen and women, never mind anyone else. And we’re seeing the consequences of it right now with the war in Ukraine, the first major land war in Europe since World War II. And we’re seeing the consequences of it in the Pacific with China more and more aggressive and Taiwan in greater and greater peril,” Sen. Cruz continued.

Sgt. Vargas-Andrews grew visibly emotional when he testified about how his team of Marines was not given permission to stop a suicide bomber before he killed 13 Americans outside of Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul. 170 Afghan civilians were also killed by the bombing.

The Marine lost two limbs and has undergone 44 surgeries because of the suicide bombing. Vargas-Andrews described how the blast threw him into the air and opened his eyes to see comrades lying dead or unconscious around him.

He went on to testify about how high ranking officials ignored his report about the incident. He also criticized Biden’s State Department for not evacuating enough Afghan civilians in an orderly fashion.