‘Stay Tuned, It Won’t Be Long’: Aaron Rodgers Breaks His Silence On Possibly Joining New York Jets

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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I feel like the stars are lining up perfectly for the New York Jets in this entire situation.

Future Hall of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers pretty much has three options at this point: 1. Return to the Green Bay Packers (with the team not wanting him to return); 2. Sign with the New York Jets and become royalty in the Big Apple; or 3. Call it a career by riding off into retirement.

The more that time goes along, the more it looks likely that Rodgers will take option No. 2 and head to New York City to be a Jet. Once a dysfunctional franchise (and still kind of are), it looks like the Jets could actually pull off something great with the franchise and quarterback flirting with each other for weeks now. And with Rodgers, it’s understandable why we would want to go.

Not only could he set up NYC as his empire for post-retirement, but he would immediately have weapons to work with in Corey Davis, Garrett Wilson and Elijah Moore. On top of that, Rodgers would be backed up with an offensive line and a lockdown defense.

Rodgers said that one of the reasons why he went on his “darkness retreat” was so he could think about his future, so we know he’s been pondering about the possibility of being in New York. Well, now we’ve gotten to a point where he’s publicly speaking about it, doing so for the first time at a flag football charity event while being interviewed by former NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

From the looks and sounds of everything, it looks like Aaron Rodgers is headed to the New York Jets. Plus, where else is he going to go?

The Green Bay Packers have made it very clear that they don’t want him anymore, and he’s definitely not retiring, and there are not really any other teams at this point that are interested in making a move for Rodgers because of how expensive he would be — except for the New York Jets. (RELATED: Umpire Suspended After Horrendously Bad Call In College Baseball Game)

So, what else is he going to do?

The New York Jets might actually get their man, doing something not dysfunctional. And good for them.