REPORT: Lamar Jackson Is Using A ‘Non-Certified Representative’ To Tell Teams He Wants To Leave The Baltimore Ravens

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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I feel like Lamar Jackson is going into full-out diva mode.

A representative for current Baltimore Ravens star quarterback Lamar Jackson has reportedly contacted multiple teams across the NFL to tell them that Jackson is ready to move on from the franchise, according to a report from ProFootballTalk. And here’s the kicker: the representative is apparently not certified by the NFL Players Association.

One of PFT’s sources said that the person representing Jackson is telling teams that he doesn’t want a fully-guaranteed contract, however, he still wants a contract with $200 million guaranteed, and he also wants more non-guaranteed years at the end of a deal.

Another one of PFT’s sources states that the representative is also telling teams that Jackson wants out of Baltimore.

What makes this whole thing fascinating is the fact that the Baltimore Ravens have the option of matching any contract that is thrown Lamar Jackson’s way. But at this point, do the Ravens even want to retain him?

It’s obvious that Lamar doesn’t want to be there anymore and he’s going all-out diva in an attempt to get out.

Just a couple of days ago, I thought there was no way that Lamar would actually leave the Ravens. It was hard for me to see him in another jersey. But now? (RELATED: MLB Teams Should Be Lined Up For This Chimp Who Clean-Clocked Somebody Spot On With A Perfect Throw)

I could legitimately see Lamar leaving Baltimore, things are starting to get real toxic with this relationship.