TikTok Star Jehane Thomas Dies Suddenly At Age 30


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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TikTok star Jehane Thomas died suddenly Mar. 17 at the age of 30, according to a GoFundMe page identifying its purpose as assisting her loved ones who are dealing with this tragedy.

The social media star and single mother amassed a huge fan following from showcasing her journey as a parent. Thomas’ friend, Alyx, is credited as the creator of the donation page and shared details about Thomas’ recent struggles. “Jehane Thomas was a 30 year old, mum of two boys,” Alyx said in the opening statement of the post. “Despite suffering from migraines and bouts of illness for several months, her passing was totally unexpected and we are all absolutely heartbroken,” she wrote on the GoFundMe page.

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“Her two children, Isaac (3, almost 4), and Elijah (1), have been left without their mum,” she said. “I’ve started this page in the hope of raising some money so her beautiful boys can have the best childhood, make memories and make sure they are comfortable.”

“Nothing will bring the boys their mum back, but we hope it will bring some relief to her family, knowing how loved and supported they are,” Alyx wrote.

She wrapped up her tribute with some loving words for her late friend.

“Jehane – I promised I’d do what I can for those boys, so that’s what I’m vowing to do. I love you…” Alyx wrote.

The TikTok star documented her health struggles on her social media accounts.

Thomas had been diagnosed with Optic Neuritis, a condition of swelling damaging the optic nerve, and she shared details of her recent hospital stay in her last TikTok video.

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“I can’t lift my head up without wanting to be sick and I’m unable to walk, I need to be wheeled everywhere. That’s how bad this pain is,” Thomas wrote.

Days before her passing she noted how much she missed her children while she was in the hospital.

“It’s been a really challenging week, not just physically but mentally,” she wrote in her Mar. 12 Instagram post. (RELATED: REPORT: Model And Influencer Dead At 31)

“I’ve missed these two so much and feel like they’ve both grown up so much whilst I’ve been away… I may be home but I’m still struggling with these migraines as nothing was really done to help them after a whole week of being there and I’d rather self-medicate at home with these around me then me left in a bed on my own all day & night, so I may not be fixed but I’m not giving in,” Thomas said.