‘Including You’: Maher Rips HuffPost Co-Founder For Being Hypocrite On Environment

[Screenshot Club Random Podcast]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Comedian and podcast host Bill Maher ripped environmentalists for being hypocrites, including the Huffington Post co-founder Arianna Huffington, in Monday’s episode of “Club Random.”

Maher and Huffington were discussing “social justice warriors” before Huffington opened the conversation to environmentalism.

“Growing inequalities have gotten infinitely worse,” Huffington said.

“Well, mostly because of you,” Maher joked.

“No, mostly because of you.”

“Oh please, if I had your money I’d throw mine away,” Maher said.

“Mostly because of you flying on private planes.”

“I can stand being a bad environmentalist because we all really are. I cannot stand being a hypocrite. And every single person who can fly in a private jet, including you, including George Clooney and everybody else, Leonardo DiCaprio, everybody, and I’m a big admirer of a lot of these people, Ben Affleck, I love these people,” Maher said. “But we all do it.” (RELATED: ‘Shut The F*c Up’: Bill Maher Drops Truth Bombs On Gen Z During A Savage Monologue)

“It’s irresistible and so that’s again, something that looks bad to someone who’s in the middle or leaning right when lefties are fucking hypocrites. So, I just really wanted to make that case. And we all do it on whatever our level is. I mean, if you drive a car to work but you could take the bus, you’re just doing it on a budget,” Maher continued. “I’m doing it like a blur. Eat that bitches, it’s so funny.”

Maher has issued similar sentiment, saying in December that he enjoys flying private and “the only people who don’t like private are the ones who can’t [afford it].” Maher then ripped the younger generation for being hypocrites and “using car as much as we did.”