Streaker Interrupts Texas A&M Baseball Game And The Crowd Hilariously Cheers Him On (Plus, Watch Him Get Arrested)

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Need a laugh for the day? I got you.

During the fifth inning of a recent NCAA college baseball game between the Texas Longhorns and Texas A&M Aggies, somebody ran onto the field at Blue Bell Park — turns out it was a streaker.

The streaker was shirtless and wearing a mask, and carried a sign that read, “Longhorns Suck!” However, while running he dropped the sign, and that’s when he slid down his pants to show his behind. What made this entire situation even more hilarious was the fact that the crowd was cheering for him, even exploding in disappointment when he failed to climb over the outfield wall to escape.

Just check out this glory:

Unfortunately for my man, however, his party was spoiled as soon as he got over that fence:

And on top of that, he was reportedly hit with charges:

I gotta say though. Texas A&M baseball games sound like a blast. (RELATED: Texas Rangers Unveil A Giant-Sized Burger (And Other Huge Foods) That Will Make Your Jaw Drop)

You have good ol’ American baseball, I’m sure some good Southern food, streakers and ball five chants.

I’ve got to make the trip down to College Station sometime.