Police On Lookout For Naked Man Terrorizing Community By Breaking Into Homes

[Screenshot/WTOC News]

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Police in a small Georgia town are urging residents to lock their doors and windows amid multiple reports of a fully nude man breaking into homes in the middle of the night.

The unknown suspect has been caught on the security cameras of various homes throughout the small community of Metter, breaking into residences while wearing nothing but a face covering, WTOC reported. (RELATED: Man Arrested For Stealing Packages While Wearing Women’s Underwear As A Mask)

Metter Police Chief Robert Shore said the break-ins are “no laughing matter” and urged area residents to remove any spare keys hidden outside their homes, per the outlet.

“He’s found things that allowed him access to the house. He’s looking for windows, looking for keys, looking for open doors,” Shore told WTOC.

Twice, the suspect has reportedly walked in on unsuspecting home owners. In both cases, Shore revealed, the naked man fled the scene when confronted, per the outlet, speculating that the suspect might be mentally ill or addicted to drugs. (RELATED: Naked Drug Addict Allegedly Attacks Baby In Stroller, Bystanders Step In To Help)

Shore has asked residents who believe the suspect has been in or around their home to contact the police as soon as possible, the outlet stated.