Video Shows Police Had To Assist Jake Paul During Confrontation With Floyd Mayweather

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Newly surfaced video of the March altercation between Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather shows police had to get involved to keep Paul safe.

The video shows the threat of a fight between both parties that was seemingly averted thanks to the police, according to TMZ. Several officers can be seen in the clip attempting to de-escalate the situation, with one officer rushing toward Paul and ushering him to safety amid the chaotic exchange and the large crowd that had gathered.

The incident unfolded outside of the Kaseya Center in Miami following the Heat vs. Cavaliers game March 8. Police seemed legitimately concerned that a large fight would break out, according to the clip.

One of the police officers called for backup, saying there could be “a fight” between “a couple celebrities,” the video shows.  Soon after the cop called for assistance, Paul tore away from the crowd and began running in the opposite direction, according to TMZ. An officer, reportedly from the Miami Police Department, quickly raced toward Paul to usher him back into the arena.(RELATED: Jake Paul Says He Did Psychedelic Drug Ayahuasca With Aaron Rodgers)

“They’re trying to jump me,” Paul can be heard saying.

Several officers continued to stand guard around Paul as he and members of his team congregated inside the building, as seen in the video.

Audio exchanged on police radio indicated there were roughly 50 people standing around Floyd, according to TMZ. Paul eventually safely exited the building.

Tensions between Mayweather and Paul also cropped up in 2021, when Paul snatched Mayweather’s hat seemingly just to spite him.