Musk Believes Apocalyptic Technology Will Hit Humanity ‘Like An Asteroid’

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Twitter CEO and billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk said Sunday that he has been trying to warn the public about artificial intelligence for years.

Musk’s comments came in response to a post from Twitter user Mckay Wrigley, who said that it “blows [his] mind that people can’t apply exponential growth to the capabilities of AI. You would’ve been called a *lunatic* a year ago if you said we’d have GPT-4 level AI right now. Now think another year. 5yrs? 10yrs?”

“It’s going to hit them like an asteroid,” Wrigley noted. In response to the post, Musk appeared to agree with Wrigley’s assessment, and claimed that he saw the exponential growth potential well before AI nightmare ChatGPT hit public consciousnesses.

Musk further claimed that “The only one on one meeting I ever had with Obama as President I used not to promote Tesla or SpaceX, but to encourage AI regulation.” (RELATED: Facebook’s AI ChatBot Thinks Mark Zuckerberg Is ‘Creepy And Manipulative’)

AI regulation sounds like a nice idea, but how does one regulate something that could potentially become sentient, as one Google developer claimed? I have no idea, and the entire situation is stressing me out. AI could either be the perfect tool that allows us to free-up our lives from monotonous tasks, or it could be the death of us. Or it could be both! I don’t know.

But that’s kind of the point: we don’t know how far AI could go in terms of development, and the smartest guy in the room clearly has some serious concerns. Shouldn’t we all be listening to him, so we don’t get lulled into accepting robotic overlords before we even realize they’re here?