‘I Couldn’t Get Past The D*ck’: Interviewer Gets Hilarious Reactions Asking Men If They’d Date A ‘Trans Woman’


Sarah Weaver Social Issues Reporter
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An interviewer got hilarious reactions in an April 10 video asking men in Austin, Texas, if they would date a biological male who identified as female.

The video, produced by the organization The Publica and reposted on Twitter on Thursday, shows journalist Savanah Hernandez asking men if it’s gay to date a “trans woman.”

“Hell ya!” one man responded to the question. “What in the hell do you mean?” (RELATED: Lawmaker Says Girls Will ‘Cut Off Their Own Breasts’ If They Aren’t Given Sex Changes)

“Hell ya, you were born a man,” another responded.

“No comment,” another said, laughing.

One respondent told viewers not to “try to cancel me on some trans shit” but that dating a biological man who identifies as a woman is “pretty sus.”

When Hernandez asked one man why it was gay, the man said it was “a really good question.”

“I mean, I don’t know, because they have a dick,” he eventually concluded.

One duo of men, one of whom said he was from Seattle, said dating a trans woman was not gay and that “if you’re into it, you’re into it.”

Another man, who approached that group in the middle of the interview, said it depended on “how hot she is.” When asked if he would personally date a trans woman, he responded, “probably not.”

“How come?” Hernandez asked.

“I couldn’t get past the dick,” he replied.

“Repent and believe in the gospel,” another man said, leaning into the microphone.

An episode of “The Whatever Podcast” went viral in March after female panelists ripped into a male guest for saying it would be gay to date a trans woman.

“What? You really just want me to just rip you a fucking new one, I swear to God,” the female guest said. “What the fuck do you mean? Yes, that was so unnecessary.”