‘The Left’s Already Made Up Their Minds’: Jesse Watters Slams Democrats For Pushing Jordan Neely Victim Narrative

[Screenshot/Jesse Watters Primetime via Grabien]

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Fox News’ Jesse Watters slammed liberals for pushing the narrative that Jordan Neely was a victim during Friday’s edition of “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

Watters claimed that the political left has ignored the details of Neely’s death despite having taken to the streets to protest. The Fox News host then played footage showing Neely’s supporters marching through the streets, chanting, “We’re gonna burn it all down” and blowing what appeared to be cigarette smoke in an officer’s face. (RELATED: Marine Vet Reportedly Kills Unhinged Man On NYC Subway After Putting Him In Chokehold)

“The left’s already made up their minds, Jordan Neely was murdered,” Watters said. “Forget that Neely was a career criminal who was threatening subway passengers. Liberals like AOC, they don’t care about the details. Instead, protesters hit the streets in New York last night, threatening to burn it all down.”

Watters claimed that Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams was the only elected official handling the Neely fallout with “any kind of grace or maturity.”

The Fox News host claimed that Neely “didn’t need to die” and that left-wing politicians enable tragedies like Neely’s to happen by not institutionalizing mentally ill homeless people. Watters stated that the “broken system” is to blame for Neely’s death.

“One time he attacked a 67-year-old grandma, broke her eye socket and nose, tried to kidnap a seven-year-old kid,” Watters said of Neely.

Watters stated that the political left doesn’t want citizens to defend themselves against a “lunatic.”

“You can’t have the mentally ill criminal attacking you feel bad, right?” Watters asked.

Watters lamented that some on the political left seem to have accepted that civilians should tolerate being assaulted by people on public transit, just because they are mentally unstable.

“This is where we are now? We have to accept that when we ride public transportation, we’re just going to get punched in the face?” Watters asked. “And it’s ok because they’re mentally ill?”