Morgan Wallen Shares Cryptic Update After Cancelling Six Weeks Of Shows

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Country music superstar Morgan Wallen shared a somewhat cryptic update on his social media after having to cancel six weeks of work due to vocal trauma.

Wallen posted a silent selfie video to his Instagram Stories on Wednesday, taken in what appears to be a backyard or front driveway with the caption “people really just like to talk out the side of their necks.” The phrase means to “give an uninformed opinion” or “talk unwisely” (so basically sh*t talking), according to WayWordRadio.

The “Last Night” singer has been dealing with a slew of crap in recent months. He was sued and shredded online after having to cancel a now-rescheduled concert in Oxford, Mississippi, at the last minute after significantly damaging his vocal cords. A security guard at the concert also started a rumor that Wallen had to cancel the show because he was too drunk.


After taking some time off, Wallen returned to the stage for three shows in Florida. Following the performances, his medical team at Vanderbilt Voice Center instructed him to take at least six weeks off singing, talking or doing anything with his voice. He apparently risked doing permanent damage to his vocal cords if he didn’t take their advice, so he did, but he seemed pretty darn upset about it.

But clearly some folks are saying some nasty stuff about Wallen. Why else would he post such a cryptic update to his story? (RELATED: Morgan Wallen’s So-Called Fans Are Unhinged, Unfair And Need A Wake-Up Call)

There were no specifics given on who or what Wallen was referring to, but darn it if people aren’t freaking crazy right now. I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like there’s something funky in the air, and it’s turning all of us against each other for no good reason. I’m just ignoring the hate and trying to focus on what I can control, and I hope Wallen does the same. He’s too good at what he does to get bogged down in the opinions of idiots.