Morgan Wallen’s So-Called Fans Are Unhinged, Unfair And Need A Wake-Up Call

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Morgan Wallen’s so-called fans lost their minds in April, and they need a serious wake-up call to how obnoxious their behavior has been.

Wallen first caught heat after he was forced to cancel an April 23 show in Oxford, Mississippi, at the very last minute. He then had to reschedule at least three other shows due to “doctor-ordered vocal rest.” In response to this heartbreaking medical emergency, Wallen’s so-called fans have sued him, sent him a bill for their atrocious financial decisions and accused him of being too drunk to perform.

Wallen’s label emphatically denied the rumor that he was too drunk. In fact, the rumor was reportedly started by an unnamed security guard at the concert, whose boss also shut down the claim, according to People.

But that hasn’t stopped some of Wallen’s so-called fans from acting like spoiled, disgusting little children who were raised by wolves.

Let me make it clear that celebrities like Wallen do not work for you, so-called fans. These individuals have a superb talent that they leverage to support their families, just like everyone else. Yes, there are some celebrities who spend their lives being famous for being famous, but Wallen is not one of those men.

I don’t know Wallen personally, but I know a huge number of other celebrities, including comedians, musicians, country stars, actors and the rest of these sub demographics. And while some of those individuals are car crashes of humans, sure, they are nothing compared to the trolls Wallen is dealing with online. They also have a career in the public eye but do not perform a public service, other than maybe some spiritual enrichment from their art, so they don’t owe you anything.

These so-called fans should be reminded Wallen works harder than almost anyone else in country music. He spent all of 2022 on the “Dangerous” album tour, which he only wrapped in October 2022. In less than two months following the tour’s conclusion, he released new music, announced and then released a 36-track album and scheduled a new tour for 2023.

It’s my gut feeling that Wallen is currently dealing with the health consequences of working too hard to rebuild his career and reputation after nearly losing it all in 2021. He also became a father in this time, and the only way that musicians make real money from their music is from touring. So obviously he’s going overboard with his output, and that makes me wonder about his personal input.

Burnout is real. And I would bet my money that Wallen is being walloped with it. Perhaps these nasty, petty, unhinged fans need a wake-up call. (RELATED: Morgan Wallen Shares Devastating Injury That Changed His Life)

Oh, boo-hoo, you spent some money and didn’t get what you wanted? Welcome to adulthood, darlings. It sucks and the only thing you can do to get through how much it sucks is show up with a little love, a little compassion and a little more God in your heart. I would double my bet that none of the people being brats to Wallen could do what he does. I know I couldn’t!