LIV Golf No Longer Releasing TV Ratings In Embarrassing New Low

(Photo by Hector Vivas/Getty Images)

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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This is just flat-out embarrassing.

Before the beginning of their second season earlier this year, LIV Golf signed a broadcasting deal with CW Network and, at the time, it seemed like a solid move for PGA’s competitor. In fact, LIV Golf was so happy with their television deal that they even flaunted their ratings back in a March press release.

Fast forward two months later and six events into the new campaign, and LIV are no longer releasing those ratings.

Earlier in the week, LIV sources confirmed to GOLF that the circuit is no longer sharing TV ratings, which is an outright turn considering LIV’s chief media officer, Will Staeger, once told GOLF that they would “certainly” be releasing their ratings and that their viewership numbers were “critical” to the plans of LIV.

Well … the PGA vs. LIV war didn’t last long at all.

I was personally hoping this was going to be a yearslong affair between the two, similar to what happened between then-WWF and WCW in the realm of professional wrestling back in the 90s. Remember how fun it was to go back and forth between competing content? And then to see the ratings later in the week to see who won? (RELATED: REPORT: Golden State Warriors Could Shockingly Move On From GM Bob Myers)

Yeah, I wanted that, but unfortunately, LIV caved faster than a Democrat to the Chinese Communist Party.

Terrible, just terrible.