‘We Would Dominate Them So Soundly’: LIV Golf’s Phil Mickelson Doesn’t Hold Back Talking About PGA Tour

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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This rivalry is making me a fan of golf.

This battle that has been going on between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf has hit a boiling point, and with us at this level now, a load of fans want a direct competition between the rival leagues — Ryder Cup-style.

But if you ask Phil Mickelson, he doesn’t think it would go well … for his opponent.

Mickelson, who joined the Saudi LIV Golf back in June 2022, took to Twitter on Feb. 2 to give his thoughts about a potential showdown between the two powerhouse golf leagues.

After one user on Twitter called for a LIV vs. PGA match with “Phil and Tiger as captains,” and said that it would be the “most watched golf event in history,” Phil made his opinion known on the matter — this after Danny Woodhead, a former NFL running back who is now a successful amateur golfer, retweeted the post and said, “Easily! And I’m here for it!”

Mickelson, who has gloriously been more active on Twitter recently, took advantage of the opportunity to give us his two cents on the matter.

“It sounds great, but we would dominate them so soundly and it would be over so quick that tv would have to fill an hour of dead time. That’s why it’s not happening at this time,” Mickelson tweeted.

I’ve gotta say … I know a lot of golf loyalists can’t stand LIV Golf and I heard the LeBatard crew saying the other day how the product isn’t that great (I personally haven’t watched it), but I will say that this rivalry is the best thing to ever happen to golf. If this has me getting interested (and I get bored as hell with golf), then I’m sure a lot of other people are getting interested.

And I’m like all of these other fans — I’d love to see a Ryder Cup-style clash between the PGA and LIV. Holy crap, that would be so glorious to watch.

I personally wasn’t aware of how loaded LIV’s roster was until I looked into it (like I said, I’m not that big into golf), but they stole nearly all of PGA’s star talent, holy hell — Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson, Patrick Reed, Brooks Koepka, Bubba Watson, Sergio Garcia, I mean, damn … I know enough about golf to know that’s a superstar roster. (RELATED: Paige Spiranac And John Daly Announce ‘Beauty Vs The Beast’ Golf Match Against Each Other)

And then I compared it to PGA’s — Max Homa, Keegan Bradley, Tom Kim? Who the (bleep) are these guys?

I’m with Phil, LIV would hammer the PGA in a match. I don’t even think it would be a contest. LIV is just so much more talented, which confuses me when it comes to how they dropped the ball with their television deal landing with an outlet like the CW. I just don’t get it. Maybe it’s the toxicity of their brand (I absolutely love how they’re riling everybody up, personally), but I feel like the controversy would provide high ratings — LIV could have landed with a better network.

I’m loving this rivalry though, this crash content that LIV is providing. It’s so great. I’m in.