Bubba Wallace Flips Off TV Camera After 2nd Place Finish In NASCAR Cup Series All-Star Race, Being Slammed With Boos

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And this is exactly why people don’t like Bubba Wallace.

If you pay attention to NASCAR, you’re aware of how polarizing Bubba Wallace is — you either love him or hate him, that’s it. And after being booed by critics, the tension was pretty thick going into Sunday night’s NASCAR Cup Series All-Star Race at North Wilkesboro Speedway.

Well, after the race (and a 2nd place finish behind Kyle Larson), Wallace was once again slammed with boos, which resulted in Wallace having a moment to showcase why exactly he’s so polarizing, and that was blatantly flipping off the television camera as he was about to participate in a post-race interview.

Roll the tape:

Here’s a still shot:

Also, here’s an interesting clip just a day before the all-star race of Bubba talking about the exact boos that ended up ticking him off the next night:

Just another moment in Bubba Wallace‘s life at this point, right? (RELATED: Brawl Breaks Out At Los Angeles Dodgers-Minnesota Twins Game, One Fan Gets Completely Knocked Out)

Drama, drama, drama.