New Report Sheds Light On Amanda Bynes’ ‘Sad, Isolated’ Life After She Was Found Roaming Streets Naked

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Sources close to troubled star Amanda Bynes said she is struggling with sadness and isolation after being found roaming the streets naked in March.

Bynes is reportedly working hard to balance her medical needs and figure out how to take care of herself properly, according to TMZ. This has been a challenging time for her, and she has primarily been alone. A source close to Bynes said she is having a difficult time adjusting after spending several weeks in a mental hospital, and is lacking friends and emotional support.

Bynes is reportedly not investing her time or energy into hobbies that used to keep her positively occupied, such as fashion design and being a nail technician. Those close to her said she has been losing interest in tasks easily, but hope she will resume her passions in the future, according to TMZ.

The former star has been responsibly attending her outpatient treatments, and has been addressing her mental health issues by seeing therapists. She has also been staying on schedule with her medications, according to TMZ.

She is spending much of her time alone and those closest to Bynes are reportedly doing their best to ensure she isn’t reunited with her ex, Paul Michael, as the dynamic between them has historically set her on the wrong path, and has proven to be toxic to her recovery, according to TMZ. (RELATED: Hailey Bieber Says Her ‘Emotions Have Been Fragile’ As She Struggles With Hard Times In 2023)

Bynes remains on good terms with her family and has maintained regular correspondence with her parents and her siblings. Her loved ones continue to provide the support and encouragement Bynes needs to overcome her mental health challenges during this time.