‘You Could Arrest Them’: Fox News Hosts Mock New York City Mayor’s New Crime Plan

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Fox News hosts slammed Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams on Tuesday over his recently revealed plan to fight retail theft with kiosks.

The panel on Fox’s “The Five” dismissed Adams’ plan, which includes installing kiosks to connect thieves with social service programs and de-escalation training for retail employees, claiming tougher measures are necessary to fight theft.

The city saw a 44% increase in shoplifting in 2022. Roughly 30% of New York City’s retail theft was caused by 327 people in 2022, the New York Post reported. (RELATED: ‘He Was Killed For … $14’: Footage Reveals Security Guard Shooting Alleged Shoplifter)

“Another idea, judge, but you could arrest them. Why are we giving a kiosk to 327 shoplifters?” host Dana Perino asked Judge Jeanine Pirro.

Pirro dismissed the notion that retail thieves steal out of necessity, claiming it is a calculated choice people make for their own benefit. The judge also warned the public to not try and intervene to stop shoplifters.

“The whole idea that you try to hook a thief up with a kiosk so they can get social services is beyond. First of all, who said stealing is an addiction? Stealing is a decision that you make because you want money or you want to sell it to somebody else. It isn’t because you need food,” Pirro said.

“And the whole idea of neighborhood watch for retail theft, have you seen some of the retail thefts in these department stores? They come in with crow bars, they break glass cases, they’ve got cars that are lined up to take them — they’ll run you over. Are you kidding? Don’t you dare get involved in anything like that,” Pirro added.

Commentator Geraldo Rivera said Adams also needs to ban masks if he wants to cut down on retail theft.

“It’s clear that a few do most of the damage. But here’s the Geraldo plan. First of all you have to ban masks. Masks have served their purpose, now they’re nothing but a disguise for the crooks. No masks. If a store doesn’t want to go along with the policy, they don’t put the sign up that says ‘no masks.’ Wear a mask, you don’t get served here,” Rivera said.