‘They Got Their Heads Up Their A**’: Umpire Caught On Hot Mic Slamming Miami Marlins While Officiating Them

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Be prepared to laugh (and to be a bit disgusted).

Recently, MLB installed a rule where umpires now have to wear a mic so the league can listen in on what the officials are talking about on the field.

Surely, it’s giving Major League Baseball (MLB) results, but it’s also giving hilarious content to us baseball fans. Take Sunday’s game between the Miami Marlins and Los Angeles Angels, for example, when one umpire was caught on a hot mic talking trash about a challenge issued from the Marlins.

The Fish challenged a call that was made at home plate, which forced the game to come to a halt so the umpires could take a look at the play. But this wasn’t your normal review — rather, an ump was heard slamming Miami in a hot mic moment that has to be an instant classic.

And here’s the kicker: The Marlins ended up winning the challenge, proving the umpire was hilariously wrong.


Probably not the best thing to do when MLB is rumored to be interested in using robot umpires.

And, by the way, what is up with all of this Miami hate in sports?

Look, I get it. Not everybody can be surrounded by beautiful beaches and palm trees, but I’ve honestly heard and read some of the most disrespectful and loud-mouth talk about Miami throughout the Celtics-Heat series in the NBA, and now here we are with umpires blatantly against the city’s baseball team. (RELATED: ‘Black C*ck Black’: ESPN’s Tom Hart Has One Of The Most Embarrassing Slip-Ups Ever During Auburn-Vanderbilt Game)

But hey, it is what it is … “They hate us cause they ain’t us.”

Fire that umpire, MLB. What a joke.