Notre Dame’s Chris Kavanaugh Outright Smashes Duke’s Kenny Brower During College Lacrosse National Championship

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Dang … I need to start watching lacrosse.

It’s been an annual tradition for years now, where Memorial Day holds the Division I college lacrosse national championship game, and 2023 was no different as Duke and Notre Dame faced off for the title. And it didn’t take long for the entertainment value to start flowing.

Early in the game, Duke’s Kenny Brower lowered his head while charging at Notre Dame’s Chris Kavanaugh, bracing himself for massive contact. However, it ended up being a helmet-to-helmet hit, which resulted in Kavanaugh’s headgear flying and his body hitting the ground — the Fighting Irish star’s arms also appeared to tense up.

Brower was hit with a two-minute penalty for the knock.

Holy cow … only a two-minute penalty?

When this happens in football (whether NFL or college), it becomes a huge deal and results in players getting ejected for the rest of the game, and depending on the severity of the case, it can result in a suspension. But in lacrosse?

These dudes are doing hard head-to-head smashes like this and only getting two-minute penalties. (RELATED: Golden Knights Win West Over Dallas Stars, 4-2; Sets Up Las Vegas Vs. South Florida Showdown In NHL Stanley Cup Final)

Say what you want about this being a dirty hit, and yeah, I can admit that it was, but who doesn’t want to see powerful blows like that? Who doesn’t want to see athletes’ heads fly off after a crazy smash?

I totally need to start watching lacrosse.