Disgraced Former FBI Director Who Signed Faulty Warrants Claims Trump Will Weaponize The DOJ

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Disgraced former FBI Director James Comey said Sunday on MSNBC that former President Donald Trump would prosecute political enemies if re-elected.

Comey joined “Inside with Jen Psaki” to discuss a possible 2024 Trump presidency when he was asked what another term could look like.

“You say that Trump poses a near existential threat to the rule of law, and this is something, similar language that I hear privately from national security officials, some people that you and I both know, who will say this privately about what a second term could mean. But tell me a little bit about the specifics of what he could try to do. What do you mean by that?” Psaki asked. (RELATED: ‘It’s So Crazy’: James Comey Claims Charges Of FBI Bias Are A ‘Nutty Article Of Faith’ For Trump Supporters)

“Think about what four years of a retribution presidency might look like. He could order the investigation and prosecution of individuals who he sees as enemies, I’m sure I’m on the enemies list, because the president, constitutionally, does oversee the Executive Branch entirely, which includes the Department of Justice, prosecutors and investigators. So he could commission direct that individuals be pursued. He could also direct all kinds of other conduct that people would maybe taken to courts to try to stop but who enforces court orders? Mostly of the United States Marshal Service, which is in part of the Executive Branch, and reports to the president,” Comey said, before warning Trump would “destroy” the country.

Comey, who was then in charge at the FBI, left out key details about former British spy Christopher Steele and his infamous dossier out of a declassified Intelligence Community Assessment regarding alleged Russian interference in 2016. The document failed to disclose information the FBI had regarding Steele which would have likely raised questions about his motives and the validity of his allegations.

Comey also authorized surveillance warrants against former Trump aid Carter Page, which relied heavily on the Steele Dossier. The Justice Department later found two FISA orders against Page to be invalid, including one Comey authorized.

Comey further admitted in 2017 to leaking a memo about a meeting he had with Trump to The New York Times. Comey also said in 2021 Trump “obviously” belongs in jail.