‘They’re A Woman’: Nina Turner, Matt Walsh Spar Over The Definition Of ‘Woman’

(Photo by Leigh Vogel/Getty Images for MoveOn & Debt Collective)

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Liberal politician Nina Turner argued with conservative political commentator Matt Walsh over the definition of the word “woman” online Sunday.

On Saturday night, Turner asked Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to define the term “woke.” In response, a Twitter user asked the former Ohio state senator to define the word “woman.” Turner replied claiming anyone who claims to be a woman is one. (RELATED: Democratic Voters Keep Rejecting Candidates With Far-Left Ideas)

“If someone says they’re a woman, they’re a woman. Not a tough concept,” Turner said on Twitter.

Walsh responded to Turner’s comment Sunday morning, saying she didn’t provide an actual definition and her logic eradicates the meaning of all words.

“1) That’s not a definition 2) By that logic, anyone can be anything and no words have any meaning,” Walsh tweeted.

Turner addressed Walsh a few hours later, touting the importance of respecting gender self-identification and calling those who disagree “weird.” She also claimed Walsh’s “fixation” on gender issues keeps his audience from focusing on class issues.

“Matt, normal people tend to stay respectful and keep it moving. Constantly being obsessed with other people’s gender identity is weird behavior. You have your audience so fixated on LGBTQIA+ issues so they won’t fight a class war,” Turner tweeted to Walsh.

The conservative pundit then asked Turner why she believed it is “disrespectful” to believe in the significance of definitions. Walsh also accused the liberal politician of trying to evade providing a definition of the word “woman.”

“Nina, how is it disrespectful to insist that words have meaning? And why are you wasting all of this time tweeting around the issue instead of simply answering the question? What is a woman?” Walsh tweeted to Turner.

Turner provided a lengthy response, which doubled-down on her endorsement of gender-self identification. The liberal politician then called Walsh’s “mission” harmful to transgender people and said he serves the interest of the wealthy and corporations at the expense of the working class.

“Already answered the question — if someone says they’re a woman, believe them and move on. This fight makes you a lot of money, though. And while you have your audience mad about trans folks, Bud Light & Target, our government just cut spending by cutting benefits for poor folks, yet spent more money on the military industrial complex — on a bi-partisan basis. Your fight and mission is harmful to trans people and divides the rest of the working class to satisfy the 1%. That’s why @elonmusk constantly co-signs you. You’re doing the bidding of the ultra wealthy,” Turner tweeted.